R U OK? Day 13 September 2018 by Shannon Moule (Clinical Psychologist)

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In 2016, 2,866 people died from suicide in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017). It’s estimated that every day we lose 8 Australians to suicide and 30 people attempt to end their lives everyday (Lifeline, 2018). Rates of suicide are generally three times higher for males, rural and regional dwellers, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (Mindframe National Media … Read More

Navigating the Christmas holidays with mindful intention

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In the last few weeks conversation has slowly moved to the topic of Christmas and how we will celebrate this year. Some people have clear plans, others don’t and some wish they did. Some people are able to create their perfect day and others have to accommodate family and friends. On top of individual ideas about Christmas there is also … Read More

Happy Easter

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Some holidays and special occasions can invoke really strong food memories, and many of us have our own family food traditions.  For me, hot cross buns are synonymous with Easter.  I love these not too sweet, spiced buns made with dried fruit and peel. And I know I am not the only one.  These delicious treats have stood the test … Read More

Coeliac Disease – More than just a dietary fad

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Coeliac disease is a serious medical condition where the body’s immune system does not respond normally to a protein in food called gluten. This damages the lining of the small intestine which affects the absorption of important nutrients and can lead to malabsorption and a variety of gastrointestinal problems. If coeliac disease is not treated, long term complications can include … Read More

Wishing you a Mindful, Merry Christmas by Loretta Murphy & Dr Ilze Grobler

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As we approach Christmas/New Year people report experiencing not only a festive spirit, but also increased levels of stress. The pressure of striving to attain a “happy” mood state at this time of the year can be quite exhausting. We are surrounded by people who love Christmas, decorations abound, Christmas carols are playing and parties are being held. But what … Read More

Busting Myths with Seeking Psychological Help – By Shannon Moule, Clinical Psychologist Zest Infusion

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If what you know about seeing a psychologist comes from TV (e.g., Fraser) or movies (e.g., Good Will Hunting), you may have some misguided conceptions about what goes on in a practicing psychologist’s office. I am here to bust these common myths one by one and actually give you the reality of what it is like to see a psychologist. … Read More

The benefits of art therapy – by Angela Hall

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Deep psychological work can be achieved with the use of expressive therapies such as art therapy. For example drawing a picture with pastels or painting a symbol with paint is all about communicating feelings and experiences in a non-verbal way (Dalley, 1984). Through this creative medium a person can express themselves consciously and unconsciously. The person, or client, is then … Read More