What art therapy is really about – by Mariki Klooster

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The moment you hear art therapy, the automatic response is: I can not draw/paint, or, I don`t have a creative bone in my body. With that, people disregard one of the most valuable, but easy ways of being a happy fulfilled person.

The value of being creative is not to produce a painting or a product, but more to produce thinking. The secret is not the skill to create art, but while you are creatively busy, having the time  and space for introspection and contemplation. This helps that we can be more relaxed and balanced, create an awareness of living in the moment and it is a wonderful tool to stay connected to our self and making meaning of the world surrounding us.
Our art work can be the lens by which we can get a new view on our world and ourselves. A deeper understanding and a more fulfilling life.
It is a gift you can give yourself: permission to express freely with art materials, and to know that to create, is to unleash your own uniqueness!!.

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