Zest Infusion is a private billing practice. We are committed to providing high quality professional care that is affordable and convenient. Medicare Online services are available to process payment and Medicare rebates.

Medicare Rebates

You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for treatment sessions with a valid referral from your GP.  If your GP believes you are eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan you can receive a Medicare Rebate for up to 10 Psychology or 12 GP Psychotherapy sessions per calendar year.

From 9 October 2020 until 30 June 2022, 10 additional psychological therapy sessions, are now available each calendar year under the Better Access COVID-19 Pandemic Support measure.

Your initial referral enables you to have 6 rebateable appointments. Your psychologist / psychotherapist will then suggest you see your GP for a review or re-referral for a further 4 sessions, if further treatment is needed. A brief progress report must be provided to your referring GP (by your psychologist / psychotherapist) for you to be able to obtain additional sessions.

The standard 10 psychology sessions under Better Access must be used, before the new COVID-19 items can be accessed. The third referral (for the new COVID-19 items, at completion of the standard Better Access sessions) entitles access to a further 10 sessions.

Your GP may also refer you through a Chronic Disease Management Plan for Dietetics / Diabetes Education services, which will enable you to claim a Medicare Rebate. The number of sessions for Dietetics or Diabetes Education will be determined by your referring GP. A Medicare rebate is available for a maximum of five individual services per patient each calendar year.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Depending on your private health scheme, you may be eligible for a rebate under Private Health Insurance (not to be used in addition to Medicare) for Psychology, Psychotherapy or Dietetics services. If you are using Private Health Insurance the rebate amount will depend on your particular fund.

Bulk billing

Whilst we are not a bulk-billing practice, pension and/or health card holders may qualify for concession rates.

Fees as at 1 July 2021

Our professional body, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommends $260 per 50-minute session, however our fees are substantially lower than this.
NDIS fees will continue to match the most updated NDIS fee schedule.

Clinical Psychology

Consult Fee Rebate
Initial Session $230.00 $129.55
Subsequent Sessions $220.00 $129.55

General Psychology

Consult Fee Rebate
Initial Session $200.00 $88.25
Subsequent Sessions $190.00 $88.25

GP Psychotherapy

Consult Fee Rebate
Initial Session $281.00 $139.55
Subsequent Sessions $225.00 $138.10

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Consult Fee Rebate
Initial Session $165.00 N/A
Subsequent Sessions $155.00 N/A

Couples Counselling

Consult Fee Rebate
Initial Session $195.00 N/A
Subsequent Sessions $185.00 N/A


Consult Fee Rebate
Initial Visit $120.00 $55.10
Review 60 min $110.00 $55.10
Review 30 min $95.00 $55.10


Consult Fee Rebate
COVID-19 Telehealth (Clinical Psychology – Initial Session) $230.00 $129.55
COVID-19 Telehealth (Clinical Psychology – Subsequent Sessions) $220.00 $129.55
COVID-19 Telehealth (General Psychology – Initial Session) $200.00 $88.25
COVID-19 Telehealth (General Psychology – Subsequent Sessions) $190.00 $88.25
Remote Telehealth (GP Psychotherapy) $213.00 $136.85
COVID-19 Telehealth (GP Psychotherapy – Initial Session) $281.00 $139.55
COVID-19 Telehealth (GP Psychotherapy – Subsequent Sessions) $225.00 $138.10
COVID-19 Telehealth (Dietetics & Diabetes Education Initial Session) $120.00 $55.10
COVID-19 Telehealth (Dietetics & Diabetes Education Review 60 min) $110.00 $55.10
COVID-19 Telehealth (Dietetics & Diabetes Education Review 30 min) $95.00 $55.10
  • • Covid-19 is an ever-changing crisis. At this stage the current Telehealth Package is extended until the end of 2021 at which time the current arrangements will be subject to further Government review.


If you participate in one of our group programs, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to 10 group sessions a year. For more information about our group programs please see our workshops page.

Zest Infusion requires full payment for the group program at the time of registration. This may be paid in person, direct debit via our website or credit card over the phone.
In special circumstances, by prior arrangement with our office, weekly payments may be approved. A deposit, equivalent to the cost of one session will be required to confirm registration and thereafter all payments will be made one week in advance. Credit card details must be provided to the office at the time of registration. Please note that all credit card transactions will attract a 2% surcharge for all weekly payments.

Medicare rebates
If you have a Mental Health Care Plan, your rebate will be processed by the clinic the day following the Group session.
Please note, that in accordance with Medicare regulations, your rebate will only be processed if 6 to 10 members are present in every group session. In the unfortunate event that less than 6 participants attend any one session (due to cancellations), all participants will be ineligible for the Medicare rebate.
While all efforts are made by Zest Infusion to ensure that this does not occur, we do not assume any responsibility for the rebates that are unable to be processed due to non attendance of any member of the group.

Catch up sessions
A “catch up” session may be held, at a Zest Infusion allocated timeslot, if you are unable to attend a session. Each participant may have a maximum of two (2) catch up sessions per program.
However, under Medicare rules, no rebates apply to catch up sessions. Participants will be responsible for the full cost of that session.

Our Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we respectfully request 24 hours’ notice. Whilst we understand life can be unpredictable, cancellation at late notice means we are unable to offer this appointment to another client who may be on a cancellation or waiting list for an appointment. Failure to provide this minimum notice may incur the full consultation fee being charged.

We certainly understand that you may not be able to keep an appointment due to sudden illness or an unexpected personal emergency. If this does happen to you, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know.

Remember a late cancelled appointment is a loss to:

  • You, as your treatment progress is delayed
  • The client who has been waiting to see the practitioner, sometimes urgently.
  • The practitioner who spent time preparing for your session