Please note that all workshops and group programs are currently on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic


Workshops for adults

At Zest Infusion we are passionate about helping people to add more quality to their lives by becoming aware of what they really value and developing positive psychology strategies for daily living. Our personal development workshops are designed to aid people in better stress management and resilience strategies and help them make space to appreciate the good things in their lives.

Our adult workshops are aimed at men and women who are interested in learning more about how to live in the present moment, promote general wellbeing and enhance vitality for life.

Mindful Wellbeing

This is a 7-week course offered to people who have limited knowledge and practice in mindfulness meditation and ACT but would like to know more about how mindfulness meditation and ACT can benefit them in reducing stress, managing anxiety and depression and living more in the present moment.


  • $ 378 for the 7-week-program
  • $ 32.60 rebate per session available with a eligible GP referral
  • Costs include all handouts and meditation audio tracks
  • Tea and coffee provided

Mindful Eating – An Introduction

Change your relationship with food with the integrative support of a dietitian and clinical psychologist in this unique 6-week program.


  • Full cost for the 6-week course is $420
  • $32.60 per session are available for participants with an eligible referral from their GP
  • Costs include all handouts and mindfulness meditation audios
  • Tea and coffee provided

SOOTHE – Cultivating Compassion

Do you need to learn how to be more resilient in the face of adversity, less critical towards yourself and others, decrease feelings of shame, increase self-acceptance, improve mindset, respond more effectively to difficult emotions and moods and stay on track with healthy habits? Then this program is for you – whether you are new to our group programs or want to continue your mindfulness and meditation journey!


  • $ 378 for the 7-week program
  • $ 32.60 Medicare rebate per session available with an eligible GP referral
  • Costs include all handouts and meditation audio tracks
  • Tea and coffee provided

Monday Monthly Meditations

We also offer a monthly meditation group to existing and new clients of Zest Infusion.


  • $25 per group for casual attendance
  • $ 112.50 for a 5 class pass

Please note that we need at least 4 people to attend in order to facilitate the meditation session so please RSVP to info@zestinfusion to express your interest if you plan to attend.

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