Welcoming Naturopath, Carine Pieterse to our Zesty team

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A warm welcome to Carine Pieterse, Naturopath / Clinical Nutritionist who will be joining the Zest Infusion team in June / July. Carine welcomes appointments on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Q. Tell us about yourself I am a passionate Natural Health professional with 17 years of clinical experience. As a qualified Naturopath, I have a special interest in providing holistic, natural care … Read More

8 Lifestyle Tips To Reduce the Risk of Cancer – by Tania Logan, Dietitian & Diabetes Educator

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Cancer can affect anyone, but we know that some people are at a higher risk of developing cancer than others.  A new report has confirmed the link between cancer risk and lifestyle factors like food intake, physical activity and weight. This report, by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research, is a comprehensive analysis of … Read More

10 ways to improve your heart health

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  This week is Heart Week and the focus this year is on the benefits of physical activity on heart health.  The Heart Foundation has a wealth of information on their website at www.heartfoundation.org.au/campaigns/heartweek. Changing your food intake can also help improve your heart health and reduce your risk of heart disease.  Here are my top 10 ways that you … Read More

Compassion Focused Therapy Explained – by Shannon Moule, Clinical Psychologist

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 The Dalai Lama often stresses that if you want others to be happy – focus on compassion; if you want to be happy yourself – focus on compassion (Dalai Lama 1995, 2001)   Around the same time last year I wrote an article on a therapeutic approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  In that article I focused on explaining … Read More

Art and music therapy are fun, creative ways to help your recovery – written by Michelle Peterson from Recovery Pride

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Michelle Peterson, who has been in recovery for several years, has approached us at Zest Infusion to help spread the word about how art therapy can help people suffering from addiction in their recovery process.  Michelle has started her own website RecoveryPride.org to help eliminate the stigma placed on those who struggle with addiction. Her site emphasizes that the journey to sobriety should … Read More

Using food as a reward – not a recipe for success by Tania Logan, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator

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I was at an athletics carnival a few years ago, and heard a child boasting that she would be allowed to have one dessert over the coming week for every personal best she achieved in her events that day. I was absolutely astounded, but I probably shouldn’t have been. While the details are not always the same, this situation is … Read More

How to stay MOTIVATED to achieve your New Year’s resolutions – Shannon Moule, Clinical Psychologist

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This time of year brings about reflection of what has been and hope for a better tomorrow. For some of you this has transitioned into setting yourself goals (i.e., new year resolutions) to take action to achieve something that is of importance to your life. This may be to lose weight, get fitter, climb a mountain, start dating again, socialising … Read More

Navigating the Christmas holidays with mindful intention

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In the last few weeks conversation has slowly moved to the topic of Christmas and how we will celebrate this year. Some people have clear plans, others don’t and some wish they did. Some people are able to create their perfect day and others have to accommodate family and friends. On top of individual ideas about Christmas there is also … Read More

Mindful Eating – by Tania Logan (Dietitian and Diabetes Educator)

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Our relationship with food is integral to our health and wellbeing. Interestingly, it also reflects our attitudes to our self and our environment. In today’s society, an unhealthy relationship with food is very common for many people. How healthy is your relationship with food? • Do you ever make food choices based around a set of rules rather than what … Read More