EMDR Treatment by Dr John Pocock, Psychotherapist & EMDR Practitioner

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I have personally witnessed the great benefit of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) with my own family.  This motivated me to investigate the merits of EMDR and how to integrate it into my psychotherapy. 

Many of us subconsciously hold onto beliefs based on unhappy or traumatic experiences that have happened in our past. This could have been from being bullied, rejected, or being fired at work. These bad experiences leave a traumatic scar in our mind. EMDR treatment helps to take the power away from these traumatic negative beliefs, creating you to live in freedom and wholeness. 

EMDR can accelerate therapy by resolving the impact of past trauma and allowing you to live more fully in the present. When you experience something out of the ordinary, this overwhelming event such as a car accident or being repeatedly subjected to distress causes memory to remain unprocessed. These episodic memories and feelings are stored in the limbic system and remain unprocessed. The limbic system’s traumatic memories can be continually triggered when you experience events like the difficult experiences you have been through. Often the memory itself is long forgotten, but the painful feelings such as anxiety, anger or despair are continually triggered in the present. Your ability to live in the present and learn from new experiences can therefore become inhibited. EMDR helps create the connections between your brain’s memory networks, enabling your brain to process the traumatic memory into a very natural way. 

EMDR can be used very effectively for the following: 

  • P.T.S.D.
  • Anxiety and panic attacks 
  • Depression 
  • Stress 
  • Phobias 
  • Sleep problems 
  • Complicated grief 
  • Addictions 
  • Pain relief
  • Self esteem 
  • Sports performance 

EMDR is an innovative clinical treatment which has successfully helped over a million individuals. The validity and reliability of EMDR has been established by rigorous research. 

“When EMDR was first described to me I thought it sounded really weird and there was a bit of me reluctant to try it but I’m SO glad I did. I think each person has to experience it for themselves but if you can connect with it – and for a visual person like me it felt really effortless – you can reach levels otherwise undiscovered. I came out of each session buzzing with a sense of clarity and understanding that I’ve not experienced before. I felt connected to a deeper level and a deeper and closer understanding of myself.”  (Testimony of EMDR client )  

To schedule EMDR appointments with Dr. John Pocock follow the link to our on-line booking page or contact us if you have any questions.

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