COVID-19 Response

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To all our valued clients, we just wanted to reassure you that we will be monitoring safe practice with regard to COVID-19 over the next few weeks and months as required.  We join with others, seeking to take practical measures for prevention of spread of the virus in our community, and to seek to calm our anxieties in the midst … Read More

Advent…. A time of thanking….by Dr Johanna Lynch

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As our community wends its way toward the end of the year, I send a note from a beautiful poet Malcolm Guite: Thanksgiving. I thought it may encourage you to notice the truth behind all the appearances in our lives – the frenzy at work, the ‘things’ in the shopping centres, the meaning in our kitchens and round our dining … Read More

The Wisdom of the Ages by Dr Johanna Lynch, GP Psychotherapist

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Sometimes in these days of amazing technological advances, we forget the wisdom of our communities, the knowledge of how people have coped with adversity for generations, and the uniquely human capacity to see the hope of the mountaintop while still climbing out of the valley. This last week – I had a lovely poem sent to me – written by … Read More

Messy Mangers by Dr Johanna Lynch

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Years ago, during advent, I went to a morning of preparation. A time of preparing my self for Christmas. As part of the reflection, I was asked: “Do you have any empty mangers in your heart that you want Jesus to come into? I found this a poignant reminder that during advent we are waiting…waiting by empty mangers for the … Read More

How to stay MOTIVATED to achieve your New Year’s resolutions – Shannon Moule, Clinical Psychologist

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This time of year brings about reflection of what has been and hope for a better tomorrow. For some of you this has transitioned into setting yourself goals (i.e., new year resolutions) to take action to achieve something that is of importance to your life. This may be to lose weight, get fitter, climb a mountain, start dating again, socialising … Read More

Hypnotherapy – working with the subconscious

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Most people – when asked to think about hypnosis – will probably find that it brings to mind the classic image of a stage hypnotist putting people ‘to sleep’, and then making them do something outrageous. I think you will find yourself nodding in agreement at this. So, the question then is – what does hypnosis have to do with … Read More

How’s your relationship with your emotions?

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You may be thinking….this is a strange question to be asked; why would you be asking me this? I am hoping, by the time you finish reading this article, you will be thinking this isn’t so strange and it totally makes sense! Let’s take a look at your current relationship with your emotions by answering the following questions (please take … Read More


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When couples fight about things like “he never does the dishes when I ask him, he never listens to me when I’m talking, she constantly nags me” the feelings underneath these complaints are “he is never there for me, I feel like I’m not important to him, I feel like what I do is never good enough for her”. The … Read More

The benefits of art therapy – by Angela Hall

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Deep psychological work can be achieved with the use of expressive therapies such as art therapy. For example drawing a picture with pastels or painting a symbol with paint is all about communicating feelings and experiences in a non-verbal way (Dalley, 1984). Through this creative medium a person can express themselves consciously and unconsciously. The person, or client, is then … Read More