The Power of Choosing a Male Therapist: Breaking Stereotypes and Finding Healing by David Norman, Clinical Psychologist

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Embarking on the journey of seeing a psychotherapist can feel overwhelming. It involves sharing deeply personal experiences and finding someone who can create a safe space for exploration. We often consider factors like age, cultural background, and the ability to feel understood and supported. But have you ever thought about the role that gender plays in this decision? Client Gender … Read More

Seeing The Whole Picture by Petronella Grobbelaar, Psychologist

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Take on the challenge of approaching the New Year with a fresh perspective. Change the way you see the world and strive to embrace the bigger picture. 2024, A new year Happy 2024 Zesty community!  It is the end of the festive season and “back to school, back to reality” for most of us. Our last blog post for 2023 … Read More

Understanding And Calming The Anxious Mind by Carly Alleway, Psychologist

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Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. Research indicates that 1 in 4 people will experience anxiety at some point in their lifetime.  What is anxiety? Anxiety and stress often present similarly in our body. STRESS can be described as the pressure we feel from excessive demands and increased obstacles that we need to overcome in order to achieve … Read More

Care and Support During Uncertain Times – COVID-19 by Shannon Moule (Clinical Psychologist)

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Dear Zesty Community, I felt called to connect with our ZESTY community to acknowledge and assist during these uncertain times.  We (Australians) have been through a lot so far this year: fires, floods and now COVID-19. It wouldn’t be surprising if you and other people around you are experiencing heightened levels of negative emotions right now. And it’s not surprising … Read More

How our life stories impact our bodies By Dr Johanna Lynch (GP Psychotherapist)

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Our very own Dr Johanna Lynch has had a chapter included in a new mental health textbook launched this month, entitled Humanising Mental Health in Australia: a guide to trauma-informed approaches. Her chapter, co-authored with eminent Norwegian GP researcher Anna Luise Kirkengen, is entitled Biology and Experience Intertwined: trauma, neglect and the physical body. We asked her for a sneak preview of … Read More

How to Respond to FEAR By Shannon Moule, Clinical Psychologist

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Let’s start by leaning into this emotion, to help you understand it a bit better….. What is FEAR? FEAR is a normal and natural feeling we have to address threat in our environment. FEAR helps us automatically organise a response to that threat. FEAR motivates us to survive It helps us attend to the threat and it directs our thinking … Read More