Welcoming Naturopath, Carine Pieterse to our Zesty team

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A warm welcome to Carine Pieterse, Naturopath / Clinical Nutritionist who will be joining the Zest Infusion team in June / July. Carine welcomes appointments on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Q. Tell us about yourself I am a passionate Natural Health professional with 17 years of clinical experience. As a qualified Naturopath, I have a special interest in providing holistic, natural care … Read More

Mental Health Workout

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There are lots of ways in which we can look after our mental health. In some ways good mental health is like a jigsaw – if we put the pieces together correctly we end up with a nice picture. Over the course of Mental Health Week the Zest Infusion team will look into some important pieces of this jigsaw that … Read More

Naturopathic Tip 4: Blood Sugar Imbalance And Its Link With Depression and Anxiety

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Did you know that sugar could be harmful to your mental health? This is the fourth post in a series on some of the physiological (non-psychological) causes of depression and/or anxiety and how naturopathic treatment can help. Do you often feel tired with foggy thinking and poor concentration, experience sugar or caffeine cravings, suffer from anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability and … Read More