Parenting During COVID-19 by Petronella Grobbelaar (Psychologist)

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Parenting during this time of social isolation, uncertainty and online schooling is hard. It is natural to look for advice and information. Finding helpful information on parenting during this time on the internet can be challenging and overwhelming. So, we wanted to make it easy for parents and share all our favourite resources with you: 

  • The Telethon Kids Institute is a great resource for evidenced based and reliable information about child health.  On this page, you will find helpful information about the coronavirus and how to support your family through this time –
  • CoordiKids is the digital development program for children, developed by local pediatric occupational therapist, Marga Grey.  CoordiKids decided to grant free access to two of their most successful programs to parents, teachers and schools. Anyone can sign up at receive access to their movement break program that boosts attention span, and emotional regulation while reducing fidgeting and clumsiness. The program is called CoordiClass, and it is typically used in classrooms for daily movement breaks, but while schools are closed, CoordiKids is letting everyone have it at home for free to promote their home-school learning. If you have a child 3 to 6 years old, they are also granting access to CoordiKindy for that age group, so everyone can benefit. 
  • Black Dog Institute is a translational research institute that aims to reduce the incidence of mental illness and stigma around it, to actively reduce suicide rates and empower everyone to live the most mentally health lives possible.  They currently have a specific page dedicated to resources for anxiety, stress and wellbeing during the uncertainty of COVID-19. Here you can find helpful articles, digital tools, helpful apps and further information and resources –
  • Be You / Beyond Blue is a great resource that is aimed at promoting and protecting positive mental health in children and young people. They currently have a page dedicated to coronavirus and mental health which includes a range of resources for parents i.e. how to talk to kids about coronavirus; looking after your mental health while self-isolating etc.
  • Michelle Mitchell has a range of helpful information for tweens and teens on her website ( i.e. Setting up social media safely: a crash course for parents of tween girls; resources for tweens and teens during COVID-19; Technology during COVID-19 with Susan McLean, Dr Kristy Goodwin and Brett Lee clips on her Vimeo account ( 

Remember, be kind to yourself. You are doing the best that you can during this pandemic situation. Look after yourself so you can look after your families. Stay safe and follow all the advice given to us by the health professionals. 

If you need any additional support or to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly Child and Adolescent Psychologists, contact us on Ph 3822 9983.

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