Celebrating Mental Health Week 2016 – A personal story

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If you’re reading this you’ve probably been there – self doubt, lethargy, maybe full blown depression.  I’m writing this to celebrate mental health week, and hopefully explain to people that it can happen to anyone.


Five years ago I was a confident, optimistic person with a young family and dreams. My life took a downward turn with a failed business venture and the subsequent loss of my marriage, resulting in being a single mid life guy who only saw his kids every other weekend.

And yes it hurt. Lots. But despite my natural inclinations (and at the behest of friends) I sought professional help. Not something I’d done before given my background in the north of England where these things aren’t talked about.

Today I’m still single (by choice) but have two beautiful boys who I adore, and a path out of my past. I thank the Zest Infusion team for helping me see the positives in life and pointing me in the right direction.

The rest is up to me. There is no silver bullet to mental health issues – don’t kid yourself – but getting help on the journey is the best thing I ever did.

Happy mental health week, be strong and prosper.


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