Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Ilze Groblermain, Mindfulness and ACT for Beginners Group

What is acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)?

Acceptance & commitment therapy or ACT (said as one word, not as individual letters) is a relatively young therapeutic framework. The main aim of ACT is to help people become more flexible in their ability to respond to their environment. Increased flexibility and learning to be in the present moment are focus points ACT and mindfulness both share, therefore these therapeutic approaches work very well together.

ACT and mindfulness approaches also believe in the benefit of holding our thoughts lightly, rather than buying into everything our mind tells us. Not giving too much credit to our mind, particularly when thoughts are not helpful in taking us towards a meaningful life.

In ACT therapy we try to help people understand when their mind is taking over too much control and teach people strategies to connect more with what really is here in the present moment, rather than getting caught up in worst case scenarios, memories of the past etc.

Additionally to present moment awareness and increased flexibility, ACT is very much interested in helping people identify and connect with their true values. ACT therapists believe that if people live in line with their values they are more likely to live a life that is filled with meaning and vitality. In ACT therapy we try to help people learn strategies to manage distress, so that they can live their lives in line with their personal values, even if this means to face distress.

At Zest Infusion we believe strongly that to live a vital and meaningful life we need to be courageous. We would love to help our clients develop their courage, explore what is truly meaningful to them and to help them take the necessary steps towards their valued life direction with the help of mindfulness and ACT strategies.

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